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About GI4Sale

The philosophy and goal of GI4Sale is to provide the consumer with the best place to shop for guaranteed issue life insurance. When the consumer is ready to purchase guaranteed issue life insurance, GI4Sale can connect them with 3 agents who sell life insurance in their area.

The most unbiased guaranteed issue insurance comparisons on the web are found at GI4Sale. Consumers can rely upon GI4Sale to provide the most exhaustive and objective comparisons because GI4Sale does not sell insurance.


GI4Sale is owned by COMPULIFE Software, Inc. which sells life insurance comparison software to thousands of life agents throughout the U.S. and Canada, since 1982. GI4Sale includes all the companies and products that COMPULIFE can get it's hands on. As long as it is available for sale, COMPULIFE wants that term insurance product in our software.

Bob Barney is the Founder and President of both COMPULIFE and GI4Sale. He has written many helpful articles on the subject of life insurance and brings his vast knowledge of term life insurance rates to his leadership of GI4Sale. Due to his past and ongoing leadership of COMPULIFE and GI4Sale, Bob continues to have his finger on the pulse of the life insurance industry.

If you have an questions, feel free to contact GI4Sale at (888) 798-3488.


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